We, Arska I Väijy, hereby announce:

Since the early days of the existence of IRC the channel #42 has been used by us Old (Finnish) "IRC-Patus". We just want to spend our time here in peace, minding our own business.

However, there is always someone asking the same questions. This is why this FAQ was written -- to answer the questions you have about our channel. Please inform others of this FAQ and tell them how to read it.

On channel #42 we speak Finnish. My duty is to decide who has the right to write on the channel. I give this privilege to people I think speak Finnish and act politely. You may be included on the list of such people even if you are using a non-Finnish account. If you do not speak Finnish, and you are on the channel, you may listen to the conversation, but are not allowed to take part by sending public messages. Please, restrain yourself from sending messages like "Please, op me!" - if you don't speak Finnish you are out of luck. Eventually, you may be kicked out of the channel as well.

There is a great reward in learning to know the "regulars" on #42, several foreigners have earned our respect, and have become friends of us, instead of "strangers". We are mildly (sometimes not so mildly) annoyed by people who want to invade our place to see each other.

Please understand this, and see you on #42 - but in Finnish, please.

Arska I Väijy, Overguru and Semi-god