Irchat - The ultimate coolness

Irchat is an IRC-client for Emacs. It's completely written in Elisp. Irchat (from version 3.00) also contains support for IDEA encryption providing with secure messaging through IRC-network. See the Irchat 4.00 screenshot.

MSN Messenger Support

And now something completely different. Irchat now supports also MSN Messenger protocol. Stay in touch also with those of your friends that have given in to the dark side. No need to install MS-stuff for that. MSN-support is available in Irchat version 4.00 and above. Now you can also control your Irchat session through cool IRC-MSN-gateway functionality (version 20021109 and above).
The journey to the dark side has been reversed as of 2009-07-14 and all subsequent versions (major version 5 and above and snapshots 20090714 and later) ship without MSN stuff. It was however already totally incompatible with the current MSN network.

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IRC encryption

Irchat is an official client for channel #42, the oldest IRC-channel in the world.